Welcome to Nearmonk. It is a lifestyle blog that talks about directly and indirectly associated topics with our life. We have a limited time in life, and the only way to live it with fulfillment is to enjoy every bit of it. Things are not always going to be easy all the time, there will be some moments filled with happiness, joy, excitement, and sometimes we might feel sad, depressed. That’s life, and that’s how it should be; the combination of everything makes it meaningful in a real sense. Nothing is going to last forever, and hence everything is a part of the phases of life. Just be there to observe, experience, and let it go, just like a breath.

I don’t know who you are or where you are in the world, but one thing is common between us: we are alive and want to make our lives meaningful. We want everyone around us to be happy. Right? None of us gets up in the morning with a thought to have a bad day. However, things are not always in our control, and if we don’t know how to deal with the uncertain scenarios, it might create some trouble for us. Together, let’s exchange the values that will help everyone deal with things and make it easier. I will share the values which I have gained over the years; you are doing the same, then another guy is doing the same, and that’s how this value chain will help every one of us.

As of now, we are focusing on key areas that can significantly impact our lives. Spirituality gives us relief from the chaos of the materialistic world and helps us develop the right approach to looking at the world. The urge for growth helps us be better every day and have constant and gradual progression in knowledge, skills, and experience. Even though we have the world to help and stand for us, nothing will change unless we are standing for ourselves on the individual level self – help topics are the guides to learn how to do it on your own. Our mind is the greatest tool if we know how to use it, let’s understand the ideas to explore it completely. Then comes health that is another essential part of our life; it affects our efficiency, performance, and durability. The next one is habits, which directly impacts our way of living.

Nearmonk is an experiment of exploring the methods of living a meaningful life that will bring value to our life. Feel free to share your ideas, thoughts, complaints, or suggestions to make it more valuable for everyone.

Love & Peace,
Yashodhan Walimbe