6 Top Secrets to Spiritually Connect with Someone

6 Top Secrets to Spiritually Connect with Someone

Spiritual connection is the understanding that is beyond words. You don’t have to follow the formality of regular communication. Things get more manageable when you build a spiritual connection with others. When there is a spiritual connection with someone, you get a sense of instant familiarity with that person, even if they are a stranger. This article will help you to understand, how you can spiritually connect with someone. By the end of this article, you will be amazed to see how easy it is to build a spiritual connection with someone.

How to Spiritually Connect with Someone?

Follow these secrets to spiritually connect with someone.

Find the Purpose

The first step is to find the purpose. If there is no purpose in spiritually connecting with someone, then you won’t be able to build a proper spiritual connection. The purpose could be anything, such as understanding someone, building a relationship, and exchanging thoughts/emotions/vibes. Once you have understood your purpose, it will be much easier.

There is no restriction on the purpose because it will always differ due to its subjective nature. Everyone might not have the same purpose of building a spiritual connection, but that is entirely alright because everyone is unique in their way.

You will not find WiFi in the forest, but you will find a better connection.

Anthon St. Maarten

Be Transparent

Spirituality is about being genuine with yourself and others. While spiritually connecting with someone, you have to be completely transparent. There is no place for bad intentions, and it doesn’t work if you don’t have genuine intentions. Make sure you are completely transparent while building a spiritual connection with someone.

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The main idea here is to allow someone to have deep access to our inner self. If we are pretending to do something that is not accurate, then the other person will catch it, and that’s why it is essential to be completely transparent while building A spiritual connection with someone.

Express Gratitude

Expressing gratitude is the best way I know to tell people the best thing about them, and you can follow this same method by appreciating the genuine traits of others. You are making people feel special by letting them know they matter and are essential to you. However, the compliments and the sense of gratitude should be completely authentic. A simple deed of appreciating someone can tremendously boost their self-confidence, and that’s why it is always recommended to genuinely appreciate whenever there is an opportunity for you to uplift someone in whatever way possible.

Focus on Values

While spiritually connecting with someone, you always have to focus on core values instead of the chaos. Those values should have an ethical and moral stand with them. If you have any harmful intentions that are breaking the essence of those core values, then it will not work. Values are important because it acts as a foundation of our life. Trying to do something against your core values will affect your performance because it will make you more insecure.

Exchange Energy

This is one of the best forms of spiritually connecting with someone by exchanging energy. We all have our spiritual enlightenment level and are gaining something new every day. It could be positive vibes, thoughts, emotions, etc. Exchanging it with others can help to build that deep connection.  

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According to The scientific hypothesis of an “energy system” in the human body, “The energy system is a dynamic system that maintains and influences human life activities .”“Energy cannot be perceived directly but can only be experienced or induced.”

Communicate Silently

Verbal communication is an excellent way of expressing our ideas and thoughts, but it is not always necessary. When you are communicating silently, then it can also convey the same message with more clarity. It could include doing the small things that matter. Sometimes people will not ask you for help, but it is always recommended to help others when you know they need help. 

According to the study, author Bryant P.H. Hui, “prosocial behaviors such as altruism, cooperation, trust, and compassion form the “necessary ingredients of a harmonious and well-functioning society.”

I hope that you are finding this article helpful. Keep reading the article further for more information. Let’s understand some more aspects of spiritually connecting with someone.

Source : TEDx Talks

Types of Spiritual Connections

There are many types of spiritual connections, but for the readers’ comfort, I have classified them into three categories.

Soul Connections

These types of connections are deeply connected on the grounds of the soul. It is not always the soulmate, but even if you are open to such connections, you can also notice such connections happening with strangers. 

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Example – Whenever you look at a random baby in the crowd, you communicate with the baby without words, and the baby responds with the eyes. Babies don’t know anything about portraying a fake picture, which is why they are genuine all the time; hence, it is easy for them to build soul connections. 

Religious Connections

  • These types of connections are connected on the grounds of religious practice. Some people follow the same religion and ideology. Hence, while practicing the deeds or prayers mentioned in the religious holy books or gurus, you build connections with them. Spirituality does not always mean being religious, but it is a kind of connection between the people for whom being religious is a part of being spiritual.

Karma Connections

  • These types of connections are the connections that are taking place between the people who are going through the same Karma. The people that are coming together to do the specific tasks. It is not always the corporate job, but it could be anything like coming together with the same intention of helping society or bringing positive change.

“In essence, everything and everyone is made up of the same universal energy: you, me, the chair I’m sitting on, the trees and birds I can see outside my window, the guy from Amazon that just dropped off a package at my door and the package he delivered. Everything is connected, everything is part of this universal life force, everything is made up of the same stuff.” – Saskia Lightstar

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to be spiritually connected to someone?

It is possible to be spiritually connected to someone because this kind of connection is beyond surface connection and easy to build if you have good intentions. Anyone can quickly build a spiritual connection with someone if somebody is following the steps on an emotional and intellectual level.

How do you make a spiritual connection with someone?

 Finding the purpose of spiritual connection is the first step, and then you go for emotional, mental, and spiritual bonding with someone. It includes practicing gratitude, strong communication, exchanging energies, transparency, etc.

How do you know if you are spiritually connected to someone?

You know that you are spiritually connected to someone when there is no requirement for direct communication. The bond is so strong that the thoughts, energy, and emotions are instantly transferred between each other. There is a sense of security and familiarity on all levels.

What are the signs of a solid spiritual connection?

Emotional, mental, and intellectual bonding with someone signifies a strong spiritual connection. The best part of a solid spiritual connection is realizing such connection, which comes after the actual connection building. It is like a good internet connection. You know it when you have it without measuring it with any tool.

Final Thoughts

Spiritual connection is the best way to connect with someone on a deeper level because it enables the natural flow of emotions, thoughts, and energy on multiple levels. Man is naturally a social animal, and that’s why building such connections with others is essential in today’s world. Most people worldwide had realized the actual value of such connections during the pandemic when there was absolutely no one around those people.

We don’t have unique superpowers as humans because we are part of the same universe, so we must keep sharing positive energy with others. Building a spiritual connection with others can help us exchange positivity and energy with others and help them achieve their life goals. It could be the best way of expressing gratitude without actually communicating anything in a verbal sense. There are many advantages of spiritually connecting with someone but making this world a better place is the most significant advantage of it.

 In short, Spiritually connecting with someone is nothing but building the connection, which is having a more profound sense of communication with each other on multiple channels. Anyone can easily spiritually connect with someone by following the practices. There are many ways to connect with someone spiritually, and everyone can have their unique way of doing it. The only requirement is having genuine positive intentions of building such a connection. If someone is trying to do any harmful deed, it will not work because it does not fulfill the primary requirement of being genuinely positive about it.

Please let us know in the comments what you think about spiritually connecting with others, and I would like to know your experience of such connections.

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