The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success


Have you ever heard of the the seven spiritual laws of success? Did you wonder what these are and how you can fulfill your dreams by this? Let’s look at this further.

These are the seven spiritual laws of success, and these principles are also called the laws of life.

But what is this is all about? Let’s start by knowing about spirituality and how you can be successful.

What is Spirituality?

Spiritually is the sense of knowing and acquiring knowledge that there is something more significant than you. Spirituality is knowing that there is more to life than what is bound by physical constraints and sensory experience. It is living life knowing that you are the existence and a part of a more extensive existence that is the universe.

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We can also describe it as the personal exploration and experience with love, kindness, and compassion to yourself and others. It is knowing yourself and having a deep focus on your inner life.

Spirituality & Religion

Spirituality is often mistaken as being religious. Religion contains certain aspects of spirituality that can drive people to think they are the same. But they are entirely different. The belief system of faith goes beyond oneself and is demonstrated by people from a church, temple, or mosque.

But spirituality concentrates on healing and affirming oneself and a person’s journey exploring universal concepts like love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, truth, and life after death.

Many people in the world practice religion but are not spiritual. Many people go to spiritual meetings and still do not have the slightest idea of what being spiritual means. And there are also people in the world who have never heard of the word spirituality but still practice it. They go about their life with kindness and compassion to themselves and others around them and help others around them because they believe that we are one and the other in the universe and help each other out of the goodness of their heart. They rise above the jealousy and cruelty often compelled in daily lives.

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Many successful people have spoken about how being spiritual has helped them acquire the position they are in currently. And how they view the world differently. And success is not what is commonly perceived to be. Being spiritually successful is the first step of being successful.

What is Success?

The dictionary meaning of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It is the potential to fulfill all your desires with ease. It is thus a continuous journey and not a final destination. But society’s compelled meaning of success is quite different and differs a lot. But the actual definition of success that you want depends on you. It varies from person to person. For some, it may be to be rich. For others, it might mean career growth, and for some others, it might mean a safe and secure environment for them and their loved ones.

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The meaning of success is not a universal one, and it is entirely different from one to the other. And finding out what success means to you is the journey everyone should embark on rather than living life with the societal meaning of a happy, successful life. Discover your success and acquire it on your terms.

It’s never too late to start. There have been numerous situations where people at the age of 50 acquired success after living all their life normally.

What are the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success?

Self-help guru Deepak Chopra defines how the dreamer manifests the dreams and makes them a reality.  

Seven spiritual laws help to achieve success. These are designed such that when we understand them thoroughly and apply them in our lives, we will be successful. Listed below are the seven spiritual laws of success

  • 1. The Law of Pure Potentiality
  • 2. The Law of Giving and Receiving
  • 3. The Law of Karma
  • 4. The Law of Least Effort
  • 5. The Law of Intention and Desire
  • 6. The Law of Detachment
  • 7. The Law of Dharma

How to Apply the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success?

We have all grown up believing that one needs relentless hard work and constant hardship to acquire success, but the spiritual laws of success tell a different story. A one that has been the guide to many successful people and mentors of young people.

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1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

Everyone one of us has a hidden potential that we need to unveil in the journey of discovering ourselves. This law tells you to sit with yourself and exist and be without any external disturbances. Discover what you live and what drives you to go the extra mile. Look inward and witness the brilliance of yourself.

2. The Law of Giving and Receiving

This law is based on the saying “you get what you give.” The universe reflects the energy that we give out. Be kind, helping, and living to everyone around you. It will find a way to return to you.

3. The Law of Karma

Every action you put into this world will come back to you in the same energy. So choosing your activities and reevaluating your actions, and correcting them for the future is a very important lesson to learn. To make a conscious choice every day only to act if necessary and only act in kindness and positive energy.

4. The Law of Least Effort

This is similar to “do less and acquire more.” We are often mistaken for hardship with progress. But even the slightest observation of nature tells us that creation happens with ease. A seed grows into a tree with grace but not with struggle. This law tells us to observe the world and only do the needful. Let yourself grow and create your art with ease and comfort.

5. The Law of Intention and Desire

This is about the relationship between attention and intention. Our choices are for the future. But the activity is in the present. If we pay attention to whatever we intend to acquire in the future, it will grow stronger and come back to us.

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6. The Law of Detachment

Allow yourself to detach yourself from fear and insecurity. We all fall under the trap of feeling fearful of losing something we have worked hard to get. Allow yourself to be happy and at peace independent of these fears. Never restrict your happiness and bound it to external world constraints.

7. The Law of Dharma

Everyone one of us has something that will drive us forward and help the world grow around us. This is what we call our “calling.” Allow yourself to be your highest self and push yourself to the best version of yourself.

What Does Spiritual Success Mean?

Spiritual success is a state of knowing oneself and growing constantly. Like any other success, individual people can also define spiritual success. But when the person recognizes themselves as one with the universe and all other beings around them. And have this peace about them. And practice love and kindness to all forms of life around them. It is called spiritual success. To strive above the constraints of physical and psychological aspects of this world. And realize greatness in the bigger universe.


The seven spiritual laws talk about how a person should shape themselves and understand themselves to acquire a state of peacefulness. All the laws are major benchmarks in a spiritual journey. They have been specified and broken down so that people of all caliber can understand them and look towards a future where they practice these laws unconsciously as part of their daily lives.

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We are all divided with many physical and societal differences that tear us apart and divide us into groups and subgroups. These differences are becoming a place for hate and loathing towards one another. We have reached a place where everyone around us looks out the word and forget ever to look inside and question themselves on various aspects of their lives.

Spirituality encourages people to sit with themselves and engage in a conversation with themselves and understand themselves. It encourages people of all ages and groups with no constraints that usually divide people. Also it enables a person to know themselves before they unlock the world.

It teaches us the ease of nature around us, how fruit is grown, how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, how the most complex things of the universe unfold with such grace. This also teaches the importance of our reactions and the importance of our energy in this world. It teaches us how every action we do has a level of energy to stay in the universe. If we are going to leave something in the universe, why choose hate and anger rather than love and kindness.


Until recently, the word spirituality or the practice of spirituality is only referred to things for the sages and sadhus. But with the growing popularity and new emerging curiosity in this part of life that has not been researched, people worldwide, including scientists and psychologists, are studying and coming to new conclusions every day about spirituality. It is concluded that spirituality is a practice that should teach in people’s daily lives and for a better sense of life and happiness.

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Embark on this journey of knowing yourself, meditating, doing something that will reconnect you with yourself, taking part in group activities, enjoying the solitude, and taking pleasure in sitting and not doing anything. We as a generation have come to a stage where young children and teenagers cannot have a moment to themselves and are constantly battling with depression and anxiety of all sorts. Knowing themselves, reconnecting with the world on their terms, and healing from whatever has been holding them back can significantly impact the generation more than we can ever imagine.

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