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These days, we hear a lot of people doing meditation to reduce stress. Ever wondered what this is all about? Why is this even done, and how to do this correctly? Let us look into this today. Let’s have a look on meditation and especially morning meditation in this article. This guide will help you to start a perfect morning meditation routine.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that is used in cultures all around the globe. Previously meditation was used to understand the innateness of life and these efforts were initiated to encourage concentration and clarity of thoughts. However, in recent times, meditation has been used to make a normal individual calm and less stressed. The daily mundane duties borne by a person are leaving them stressed. They practice meditation to reconnect with themselves and others and the nature around them. It makes them relaxed, comfortable, and less anxious. According to the findings of harvard medical school “Taking a few minutes to focus your mind each day can reduce stress, pain, depression, and more.”

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Who Should do Meditation?

Are you wondering if you can do meditation? What kind of people can do meditation? What should one do if they are interested in meditation or willing to start meditating? If you have wondered this, then the answer to your question is that almost anyone can start practicing meditation and start including it in their daily lives. Excluding a few people suffering from severe mental health problems, anybody can start meditation practices and get its benefits. Moreover, for those with mental health issues, there should be more treatment and counseling done in addition to meditation. We should closely observe these people and guide them appropriately to perform this practice. Any average person of any age or gender can start with the practice of meditation. Once they start, they can make it a habit with work and effort.

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What is Morning Meditation?

In this generation, almost everyone around us is suffering from stress and overworking themselves. In our daily lives, the least amount of pressure is inevitable. Meditation can help people overcome their nerves and become a Better Version of themselves. Morning meditation is when a person wakes up and sits down to meditate amid morning freshness. With morning meditation, we can all start our days with a sense of stability and all-knowing quality of our surroundings. Meditating in the morning has its benefits, to clear our minds of the previous day’s thoughts and the coming day’s tensions. There has been a lot of research that supports the theory that the best ideal time to meditate is in the morning. 

Is it Beneficial to Meditate in the Morning?

Meditation in the morning has its benefits. It helps the person achieve a true sense of silence and peacefulness. Our mind is relaxed due to gooed sleep and ready for the day when we wake up. Morning time is the perfect time to meditate, understand ourselves, and reconnect with ourselves. It is easier to clear your thoughts and concentrate on meditation. Many people who have tried morning meditation have said that it is the best time to meditate and have seen several benefits. It is very quiet and peaceful in the morning, with little to no distractions. So you have better chances to focus when practicing meditation. And meditating every morning right after you wake upbuilds easily into your daily life and makes it easier to make it a habit. So yes, morning meditation is an excellent practice that you should consider if you start meditating daily. Morning meditation is a good way to achieve mindfulness.

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How Do I Start Morning Meditation?

Like any other habit, meditation also takes time to build itself into our daily lives, and it needs effort and frequency for the body and mind to adapt to meditation every day. If you want to start meditation and are looking for steps to practice daily and incorporate into your life, here are some steps to start and begin meditation.

Steps to take to start meditation:

  • The first Key of morning meditation is that there is no specific time to do it. You can wake up at 6 AM or 10 AM and still begin your day with meditation.
  • Sit down in a quiet place or environment with no distractions, switch off your phone, TV, any other electronics that might disturb you. If you want to put on light music, choose something calm and soothing.
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  • Sit comfortably on the floor or on a carpet or a chair. Make sure you sit straight but also comfortably. Sitting in a comfortable position is essential because you want to be relaxed and peaceful during meditation. Make sure that none of your muscles are flexed or uncomfortable while sitting.
  • Close your eyes as this will help to start clearing your thoughts. It is not as easy as it sounds. Some people might have trouble with this step and quit meditation altogether. Do not try to understand your thoughts or deny them. Every time you feel yourself Drifting into thoughts, fill yourself back and try to concentrate again. The disturbances may happen a lot at the start of this journey, but eventually, you will learn to control your thoughts or direct them the way you want them to be executed.
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  • It may take some time for you to pull yourself together every day for meditation until it becomes an instinct or a habit. Until then, push yourself towards the goal.
  • While meditating, be patient and kind with yourself because you’re trying to learn something new, and it takes time and a few mistakes to get it right. Do not blame yourself for any disturbances or unnecessary thoughts.
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  • If you want help initially, there are many guided meditation processes that you can take help from during the meditation session. Industry experts and experienced gurus share these guided meditations. These guided sessions are made available to everyone free of cost.
  • These days, audio-only meditations can help you focus and practice with concentration. You can access these from your phone through several apps.
  • If you are suffering from severe mental health issues, consult experts before meditation. Or try meditating in the presence of someone. People with serious mental health issues may find it hard to concentrate, and also meditation can hurt them.
  • To keep yourself accountable or from quitting the journey, keep a journal that records your progress and pushes you towards the goal. Do not give up altogether even if the process is interrupted.

How Long Should I Meditate in the Morning?

If you are a beginner who is just embarking on a journey of meditation and trying to reconnect with yourself, please don’t try to overwork yourself or overdo it. Take small sessions of 5 to 10 minutes In each sitting. Once you are comfortable and want to increase the timing of your sessions, please increase gradually and work yourself upwards. Please do not overdo it initially because you might lose your enthusiasm for the long run.

Sit quietly alone for a couple of minutes every day and try to meditate. Even if you think you failed today, come back and try the next day again. It is the only way to start meditating daily and make it a habit.

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What Happens When You Make it for Eight Weeks?

It is evident and proven that only eight weeks of meditation makes you more self-aware of yourself and peaceful and makes you positively vibrant towards your life. Meditation helps us connect or reconnect with ourselves and the people around us, and meditation is the language of communicating with our surroundings in utter silence. Eight weeks is the average amount of time it takes to see benefits or lifestyle improvement due to meditation. 

An eight-week timeline is commonly used as a benchmark for people who recently started meditating. It is used as a future vision or a small milestone in the journey to encourage people who have just begun meditating.

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Morning Meditation Benefits

Meditation has a lot of benefits, and it is a practice for everybody of any age or gender or class. People of any category will have something to take away from this journey. It calms you and makes you emotionally stable. However, it is upto you to practice this consistently and make this a regular habit. Meditation is a proven method to decrease anxiety and depression. It also increases concentration and gets your creativity going.

It is a difficult habit to start, and once you start and reap the benefits of the process, it is a hard habit to break. Morning meditation also helps us with stress and reduces our daily tiresomeness. Instead, it fills us with enthusiasm and zeal for life. It connects us with ourselves And everyone around us and makes us a part of our nature. It makes us more considerate and kind. Meditation has proven that it will cause fewer health problems caused by stress and overworking.

Apart from these, there are a lot more benefits from morning meditation. It reduces the need to be addicted to caffeine or other addictive substances. Morning meditation also increases the chances of making us stick to this habit. It is a perfect time that will fit into everybody’s routine. No matter what time you wake up, it is the ideal time to reflect and reconnect with yourself quietly.

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Meditation is a beautiful and groundbreaking habit and a practice that is in all cultures all around the world. Buddhism practiced this first before it spread into other parts of the world and made its way into an ordinary person’s life. At first, most people only considered meditation as a message or a technique that a guru would want to pursue.

However, as the knowledge and awareness about this beautiful process spread in the coming years, more and more people realized that an ordinary person has more to take from it than anyone else. Commit yourself to the daily sessions of 5 to 10 minutes of meditation every single day in the beginning and see for yourself the amount of impact it can have on you. With every growing day, more people are finding out about meditation and deciding to make their way into peaceful life and stress-free life.

Go sit down in a quiet corner in your house or office, try to clear your thoughts, and give meditation a try.

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