How to Clear Your Mind?

How to Clear Your Mind

The mind is the prime of the driving force of every action performed by us. If you can control your mind, no one can stop you from executing what you want to accomplish. However, if you want full control of your mind, you will have to clear your mind first, and then you can do the things as per your will. This article will help you understand the reason and other factors related to it and help you find out the answer to the question ‘How to clear your mind?’

What is Mind?

The mind is a center of imagination, perception, consciousness, thinking, judgment, intelligence, language & memory, and it also includes emotion and instinct. These are the abilities that help us to process information and execute it. You are reading this article, but there are multiple levels involved here in this action. Your eyes are reading the text, your brain is analyzing its meaning, and your mind is thinking about the information. This is a collective process that helps us to read and understand the entire article.

Source : Tedx Talk

Consider this as a processor of your body, similar to a processor in our smartphone, laptop, etc. No matter if you have the best keyboard & mouse, the best hard disk, the best monitor or speakers. The device will not function properly, or it will not function if there is an issue with the ram or processor because it is a core part that controls the entire system.

The Benefits of Empty Mind?

Before directly jumping into the solution of how to clear your mind, let’s understand the benefits of an empty mind. How an empty mind can help us to optimize our efficiency, and it will help us to function correctly throughout the day. Let see the benefits of the empty mind are as follows,

1. No Chaos

If you have an empty mind, then there is no chaos in your mind. The mess means too many thoughts and random information collected by the conscious and subconscious mind. It hurts productivity.

2. More Efficiency

Suppose you have installed a hundred plus applications on your mobile, but you don’t use most of them because you don’t need them regularly. If you are uninstalling, let’s say, 80 of those applications you don’t use.

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It will reduce the load on your internal memory and overall system. Now, your 20 applications will function smoothly, and you will noticeably improve your mobile efficiency because there is more space for those applications to execute their tasks.

More Efficiency - How to Clear Your Mind
GIF Courtesy : Headspace

The same rule applies to the mind. We have many thoughts and unnecessary information filled in our minds, reducing the efficiency of the things that truly matter to us. If you have an empty mind, you can focus on watch essential and improve your system’s overall efficiency.

3. Strong Command

If you have an empty mind, there will be less information to process, and thus you will have a strong command on your mind because you will have a clear focus on what to do and how to do the particular things. There won’t be any other distractions too to take you away from the path of following your goals.

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A group of goats having a tiger as a captain is more powerful than the tigers’ group having a goat as a leader. That’s why a strong command is essential to execute anything.

How Do You Empty Your Mind?

Source : Sadhguru

There are multiple methods out there to empty your mind, you can choose any method, or you can try various methods and go with the best one for its effectiveness in your practical experience. Let’s have a look at some popular methods to empty your mind. These are a few methods, but you can try, experiment, and explore your methods. There is no comparison here. Whichever method works for you is the best one for you.

1. Meditation

Meditation is an effective method to empty your mind because it allows you to focus on breath without working anything directly on thoughts. Thoughts can come and go, but you are just noticing it without doing anything else.

Guided Meditations by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Eventually, when you start focusing on your breath, you begin experiencing the empty mind automatically. That’s the beauty of this process because you do not directly stop your thoughts but redirect your attention to your breath. There is less friction here, which is a smooth solution to empty your mind.

2. How to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation

As we have seen, meditation is associated with breath and certain activities where you try to build self-awareness about yourself. However, meditation is not always possible for everyone every time. If you want to clear your mind without meditation, then you can use the following methods.

A. Journal

Writing and maintaining a journal is another method to empty your mind. It is a process of recording your experiences, feelings, moods, emotions, and thoughts at a particular time. This method is more focused on transferring the information instead of forgetting it. Suppose you are doing some necessary tasks, and suddenly there is any new thought coming into your mind.

In this case, you cannot ignore the essential ongoing task and focus on the new idea emerging in your mind. Here, you can maintain a journal and write that Idea into the diary, so later it will be easier for you to recall that Idea and execute it if necessary. This way will help you empty your mind, but your idea will still be there in your journal for future reference.

B. Connect

How to Clear Your Mind Without Meditation
Photo courtesy : Jeremy Bishop

Connecting with the universal power will help you distract your mind from any thoughts you have in your mind. Probably it could be anything like taking a short walk in the park which is filled with trees and greenery. It could be the riverside road in your city or a peaceful place. This process will help to ignore your mind’s current thoughts because connecting with the universal powers builds a deep connection. We realize that we are a very tiny part of this vast ecosystem and this sense. It is kind of a therapy which helps us to empty our mind.

What Happens When You Clear Your Mind?

When you clear your mind, you immediately start experiencing relief. You feel like something giving stress and anxiety has gone away, giving you a peaceful reason. Suppose you have invited a few guests for dinner, you are having fun, and after the dinner, when the guest will go away, you will immediately start the vacant space, and you will notice the emptiness out there in your house. When you are clearing the mind, you feel exactly like this because the thoughts will not be there anymore in your mind, and you will feel that emptiness.

What Happens When You Clear Your Mind?
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Sometimes it might feel uncomfortable when you are clear in your mind because we have a habit of thinking about something. Even if there is no valid reason to think about anything, we create something out of nowhere and start thinking about it. It could be anything like what other people might think about you or the mistakes you made in the past, what will be your future etc. things that are not contributing to your growth.

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Now it is up to you how you will utilize that emptiness and grab this opportunity. I call this an option because the empty mind is like a fertile land where you can inculcate anything, giving 100 times more returns. It is the best way to plant your ambitions and plan of action. Then you have to follow your plan of action to achieve your goals.

How Can I Quiet My Thoughts?

We have the autonomous human body. There are specific tasks that are automatically performed by our body, and we don’t have to take some extra efforts to complete those tasks. This process is a part of the subconscious mind, and you are doing it subconsciously. For example, you are breathing since the first second after your birth. You never took any action or consciously thought about breathing. It is a part and a reason for your existence now.

Source : Rafael Eliassen

Similarly, thinking is a default activity of the mind, and it is tough to quit everything for a long time. If you are doing meditation, then you can certainly control your mind and thoughts for a while, directly or indirectly. However, you cannot have a thoughtless mind for a long time. Just try this as an experiment; for the next 60 seconds, don’t think anything and install this to your mind. Does that work? We know the results, Right?

That’s because it is impossible to quit thoughts forever, but you can stop specific thoughts and bring your attention to certain thoughts, and that will lead you to a better life. The key here is to quit negative thoughts and start focusing on positive thoughts because, ultimately, the positivity will help you while growing in life. Indeed, it is not easy to implement, but regular practice of controlling thoughts will improve the grip of your mind, and you will be able to think precisely in a way you want your mind to think.

What is the Main Cause of Negative Thinking?

There are multiple prime causes of negative thinking, but I believe that the main cause of negative thinking is a lack of self-confidence. To understand this, we have to understand what is negative thinking. Negative thinking is nothing but thinking in a way that will not give any reasonable solution nor contribute to our growth. However, it increases our anxiety without any productive outcome.

What is the Main Cause of Negative Thinking?
Photo courtesy : Thought Catalog

Let’s start understanding the cause of negative thinking. Lack of self-confidence means our inability to think to deal with the situation. Everything is uncertain, and no one knows what is going to happen next. However, if you have self-confidence, you will deal with any situation even if you don’t know it. Your skills, knowledge, and experience will be much more than the possibilities of happening any random thing.

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Let’s see this and understand the appropriate example. Two students are preparing for a particular exam is scheduled after six months. Both students have similar kinds of talent and abilities. One student decides to study something every day and maintain it consistently until the exam.

However, another student plans to spend his first three months somewhere else and study full day for the rest of the three months. Sounds good so far, but in reality, the second student forgets his study plan after three months, and he continues to ignore his exam subconsciously. On the other hand, the first student is studying small but consistently for or six months.

Source : The Outcome

At the time of the exam, both the students don’t have any idea about the questions, and they have an equal opportunity to write the answers and earn marks. However, the first student is confident about his study because he has trust in his efforts for the last six months. Another student is very uncomfortable and frightened because he completely forgot about the exam, but he is still supposed to answer the questions. He starts thinking about all the negative consequences because there is less possibility of providing the right answers as he had not studied when there was sufficient time given to him.

Lack of self-confidence is something that causes negative thinking because the situation might not be in your control. Even if there is any genuine case their condition is in your control, you will not stop negative thinking because you don’t have the confidence and realization that you can effectively control that situation.

What Can Negative Thoughts Do to You?

Negative thoughts can ruin your life, and even if this statement sounds very harsh, that’s true. Our mind is similar to fertile land. If you believe that anything is not going to happen, it will never happen. Inculcating anything deep down inside your mind, it won’t allow you to think or act beyond it.

If you are adopting a baby vulture from day one and keeping it with the chickens, then you will see that the baby vulture will not try to fly at all. It is because it will think that I am also chicken and I am not supposed to fly but to eat worms from the ground. The day it will have self-realization of its abilities, no one in this world can stop him from flying high.

What Can Negative Thoughts Do to You?
Photo courtesy : Matthew Henry

The solution is straightforward here; you have to keep identifying your abilities and work on it. Don’t allow other chickens to tell you that you are also chicken, and you cannot do something. Do not give remote control to others where they will be able to control you. If you even think that you are also chicken, then this is a negative thought, and you will never fly in your whole life. It is the impact of negative thoughts.

How Do I Clear My Mind of Anxiety?

Anxiety is nothing but thinking about uncertainty and getting panic about it. The best way to deal with anxiety is to ask yourself one single question. Which is the situation that is making you feel anxious? You will get a specific answer. Now ask another question to yourself, can you do something about it and change it according to you?

Source : TEDx Talks

If the answer to this question is yes, then you know what to do next. You have to do it and change it, and you will see that your anxiety will go away. If the answer to this question is no, then it won’t help to change the situation even if you are feeling anxious so so try to get out of the anxious zone because it is anyway not going to help you to change the situation.

How to Clear Your Mind to Study?

When you are studying something, you have to pay extreme attention to study effectively. However, our mind will not always focus on the study because it is restless. If you are studying history, then your mind will start thinking about maths or probably about video games. The best solution to clear your mind to study is to maintain a blank piece of paper and pencil beside you.

Source : TEDx Talks

Whenever you realize that you are thinking about something that is not relevant to your studies or restricting you from your study, note down that point on the paper and gets back to your studies.

This activity will help you to record everything that you thought apart from studies during your study time. This is one step, and the second step is to focus on study and use the method, which is interesting for you. Your mind will take away the attention if there is something not so exciting happening. If you want your mind to be corporative, then figure out the exciting methods of studying.

How Do I Clear My Mind to Sleep?

This is a problem most of us experience, especially when we are almost addicted to our devices. The blue screen is affecting your brain’s ability to differentiate between day and night. On the other hand, social media is feeding your mind with a massive amount of information and creating chaos inside your mind.

10 Best Ways to Wish Good Night to Yourself

People asking the question, How do I clear my mind to sleep?’ Should ask themselves what should they do to avoid thinking? If staying away from smartphones, laptops, Tabs, and TV is the solution. Then they can do a small 4 hours detox before going to bed.

How Do I Clear My Mind to Sleep?
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This is nothing but not to use any electronic device for 4 hours before sleeping. You will feel empty for the first few days, but you can fill that emptiness with something productive such as reading or doing meditation.

How Do You Force Sleep?

Generally, it is not recommended to force sleep with medication but to try two natural methods. If you are physically tired throughout the day, there are more chances that you will sleep automatically. If your job is not related to physical work, then you can do something like cleaning your house, rearranging all the shelves, and anything that will make you sweaty.

How Do You Force Sleep?
GIF Source : Pibubear

Alternatively, you can do boring stuff and that you will help you to sleep soon. If you hate reading, then do it. You will see that you are feeling sleepy within a few minutes of starting the reading process. There are specific methods like sleep meditation, Yog Nidra, where you will take your body’s help to sleep.

Why Can’t I Sleep Even Though I’m Tired?

There are more chances of getting adequate sleep when you are physically tired, but this is not the case, which always works. There is a difference between feeling tired and feeling sleepy. If you are tired, but your body already has received an adequate amount of sleep, you won’t sleep in such a case.

Source : Insomnia Coach

Whenever we are tired, our body needs rest but not necessarily sleep. Sometimes just sitting and breeding a couple of minutes is enough. Sometimes it needs a power nap, but if you are expecting the proper sleep even if you had slept for 7-8 hours last night, then it isn’t easy to sleep in such a case.

How Can I Stop Living in Fear?

Fear comes due to the lack of ability to deal with the situation. If you know, you will cross the hurdle easily. Then there is no fear at all. If you believe that a particular hurdle is very difficult or almost impossible, then it will create fear in your mind.

The best way to stop living in fear is to build your skills and continuously improving your skills. No one is perfect because there is no final stage, such as perfection; it is a continuous process of developing our skills, knowledge, abilities, and experiences.

If you want to stop living in fear, you have to continuously dedicate your time and efforts to improve your skills and abilities. The feeling and of confidence in dealing with anything gives us the power, and fear goes away.

How Do I Stop Living in My Head?

It lives in your head, which means always thinking and not doing any action at all. The best way to stop living in your head is to start executing the things. Even if you are not completely ready with the plans, it’s alright.

You can figure it out whenever you will begin implementing the projects. There is a concept called analysis paralysis. It means getting so much information and overthinking about it. In the end, the person does not take any decision because it is too much information to process, and that should not happen at all.

Source : TEDx Talks

Stop living in your head and start doing the real things on the ground, you will get results, and you will be able to find solutions to real-time issues. The best way to do anything on a larger scale is to do it on a smaller scale first and do specific experiments because it will give you the necessary information and experience to upscale. The gradual progression is the key here, where you consistently do a particular activity and start living in reality instead of living in your head.

What Are the Most Common Negative Thoughts?

The most common negative thoughts are related to our Illusion of reality. Few examples include thinking about the mistakes you made in the past and having regret about it. Thinking repeatedly about it won’t change anything. You have to analyze the reason and improve your mistake by avoiding it from now. Another common negative thought is about always thinking about people’s opinions about yourself or your actions.

What Are the Most Common Negative Thoughts
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Don’t care about other’s opinions at all. It’s your life, and it should be your decision at the end of every thought process. You can ask for suggestions or advice from people, but don’t rely upon or negatively think about their feedback. Constructive criticism will help you improve, but there is a difference between constructive criticism and trolling or pulling back.

How Do I Stop Thinking of Someone?

Source : Sadhguru

If you want to stop thinking about someone, then immediately replace that person with someone valuable in your life right now. Care about the people who are always trying to get your attention and caring for you. Appreciate the people who are adding any value to your life. It is not easy to stop thinking about someone, but it is not impossible at all. We meet several people in our lives, some of them are very close to us, but everyone is living a different life, and we are not going to stay here forever. We have a limited time, and that’s why we need to appreciate people who are valuable to us. You can take this opportunity appreciating people, and your mind will stop thinking of someone automatically.


The mind is like a processor or ram in our body. It is a core area where everything is processed. The empty mind helps us to improve productivity. There are specific methods to clear your mind. The methods include doing meditation, writing, maintaining the journal, and connecting with the universal power. When you have a clear mind, you instantly feel that there is no baggage of anything, and you can use your mind as a tool to change your life.

Quitting thoughts is not possible because thinking is a fundamental characteristic of any mind. Hence, it is essential to change our focus and to think more about positive thoughts instead of giving any place for negative thoughts. The leading cause of negative thinking is a lack of self-confidence, and you can build self-confidence, skills, knowledge, and experience to deal with negative thinking and avoid it. It is essential to get rid of negative thoughts because it can ruin our life by keeping us aware of our true potential. Anxiety also affects our productivity in a negative sense. One with regular practice improves his skills and focuses on the positive aspects of stress.

When clearing your mind for study, you can use a pencil and paper because our mind is continuously thinking about new things. The study requires adequate attention, so if you have any new thoughts during your study, you can note down on the paper and ignore it for a while. This will help you get back to your studies and maintain a record of your thoughts.

Staying away from digital devices and doing things such as reading will help you to clear your mind for sleep. There is a difference between feeling tired and feeling sleepy, so if you are tired, it will not always help you sleep.

Achieving perfection by dedicating time for improving abilities will help you to stop living in fear. Uncertainty is a root cause of fear, and if you can handle the pressure of uncertainty by improving yourself, you will automatically stay away from fear.

If you want to stop living in your head, then the best way is to live in reality by executing your plans, and even if those plans are not ready, it is entirely ok because you will get the real-time data when you achieve your goals.

The most common reasons for negative thoughts include living in the past and thinking about past mistakes. Another reason is to pay attention to people’s opinions.

The best way to stop thinking about someone is to appreciate the people who add value to your life and give more time to show your gratitude towards them. Our time is limited; hence, it is the best opportunity to thank you for adding positivity. This activity will help you to stop thinking about someone else.

What is your method of clearing the mind, and how it helps to improve productivity and quality of life? Now, I want to hear it from you. Please share your opinion in the comments, and let’s have a fruitful two-way communication on how to clear your mind. Other readers will also benefit from it, and that would be a great thing to share and exchange knowledge that will add value to each other’s life.

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