How to Control Your Mind?

How to Control Your Mind - Guide

You must be wondering how to control your mind because it always goes out of your control, right? This article will help you understand more about controlling your mind and making your life more meaningful.


It is not that difficult to control your mind because it is not external. You are always able to get momentary control, but you lose power in the next moment. If this is happening to you, you don’t have to worry because that’s what the mind is all about. Our mind is fickle in nature, so you have to make constant efforts, but these efforts are worth taking because it helps you to take control of your life,

As we have already understood in another article, ‘The mind is a center of imagination, perception, consciousness, thinking, judgment, intelligence, language & memory, and it also includes emotion and instinct.’ we will focus further to understand how it works and how you can make it work for you instead of allowing your mind to control you.

How Does Mind Works?

Our mind works like a baby, and if there is no instant gratification, it will immediately stop doing the tasks. Suppose if you are doing a job, you are working every day for the entire month, and you get the salary at the end of the month. Have you ever realized that why do you feel dull or tired while doing the work every day? It is because you are not technically paid every day, so there is no instant gratification.

How Does Mind Works?
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In ancient times, our ancestors used to do the hunting, and they were rewarded immediately. This is how our brain is evolved over time, and hence, practicing delayed gratification is a little bit difficult yet crucial these days. Our mind is a result of long-term evolution, and you have to understand it before trying to control it.

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Can We Control Our Mind?

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After understanding how the mind works, it becomes easier to find the answer to this question: Can we control our minds? The answer is yes. We can definitely hold our minds. However, it is not a one-time activity, and you will have to do it frequently. The reason is all about how we think and process conscious and subconscious information. If you can master the art of processing this information better, it won’t be difficult for you to control your mind.

How to Control Your Mind and Thoughts?

Controlling the mind and thoughts is dependent on what information you are feeding to your mind. Do you know that our dreams are based on our reviews and physical environment? Similarly, when you are awake, you can use the same principle to control your mind and thoughts.

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If you want your mind to think about a particular thing instead of wandering off, then you can feed the information regarding that specific thing. You can consciously and subconsciously provide that information to your mind, and you will notice that your mind is adapting it and processing it as you expected. This is how you can control your mind and thoughts.

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How to Control the Mind from Negative Thoughts?

Preventing negative thoughts can be challenging in a tough time because we are not always strong to deal with it psychologically. To control the mind from negative thoughts, you should first clear your mind because unnecessary chaos causes the attraction for negative thoughts out there. Even after clearing your mind, you will notice that negative thoughts are still trying to enter your mind. This happens because our mind cannot remain empty all the time. It needs something 24×7.

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However, clearing your mind is the first step in controlling your mind from negative thoughts because if you want to plant something, you need vacant land, isn’t it?

How to Clear Your Mind?

Article recommendation on clearing your mind.

This also applies to the mind; when you have a clear mind, you will plant more positive thoughts, and your positive thoughts will prevent Your mind from negative thoughts. That’s how the whole process works.

How to Overcome Mind Control?

If you are not controlling your mind, then someone else is definitely doing it with your mind. Sometimes, it goes out of control, and that is a tough thing to handle. In such a case, you first have to identify what is controlling your mind? Once you have determined what a root cause is and factor controls your mind, it becomes easier to work on it.

Source : Ted Talks

Learn to cut your strings with that thing, and gradually you will be able to control your mind back to you. Don’t allow anyone else to control your mind because it will affect your relationships, personal life, professional life, and most importantly, your future.

Learning to Control Your Mind

As we have seen above, learning to control your mind is a long and steady process. You have to do it continuously so that you will always be the driver of your own life. Then You have to find which things are more productive and do not contribute to your growth. You have to continually add and remove the thoughts and behavioral patterns. Every mind is different, so if something is working for me doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. This is more likely a trial and error process where you will find the way which is more useful to control your mind, and this is how you will gain the skill of controlling the mind.

Mind Control Tricks

These are some mind control tricks that will help you to control your mind. You can try these tricks and let me know in the comments which one is working for you. Ensure that you are not too hard on yourself because controlling the mind is a long-term process, not the aggressive one. If you are having an aggressive approach while controlling your mind, your mind will give you double aggression by ignoring your instructions. Take it easy, and this will work for you in the long run. Let’s have a look at mind control tricks.

1. Be Aware

Always be aware of your current state because that’s the first step in making any improvement. If you don’t know where you are, you won’t be able to reach your destination. Be aware of what your mind is thinking all the time. Be mindful when it is incredibly focused and when it is wandering off. If you can maintain a journal about your feelings and thoughts, it will help you be aware of your inner self.

2. Observe

Focus on observation like you are observing any external thing. Do not judge or do anything while observing. Let the thoughts come and go ahead. Observing your thoughts will give you a better idea of who you are and what your mind is consists of. Do not allow others to tell you about your mind because it is a more personal and intimate experience to understand your own mind and observe it.

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3. Don’t Directly Control

Don’t try to control your mind because if you are attempting it, your mind will not listen to you. It might look strange, but that’s how it is in reality. Just allow your mind to do whatever it wants in whatever way possible. The idea here is to enable the mind to be in its natural state. The directly controlling mind is not a way to deal with mind or teenage kids. You have to adapt an indirect approach if you really want to control your mind.

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Just like a teenage kid will not listen to you if you are forcing him or her to do or not do something. However, if you can convince the idea and intention behind doing or not doing anything, the kids will automatically follow what’s best for them. The same thing goes with the mind, do not directly try to control your mind but indirectly feed the information and thoughts so that your mind will automatically adapt it and work as per your expectations.

4. Find and Remove Toxic Thoughts

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The next trick is finding and removing toxic thoughts. These thoughts are destructive in nature, and it allows you to think negatively. Do not let such thoughts conquer your mind because such thoughts might lead to critical consequences over the period. Even if you are not doing anything, it is still useful compared to that of doing something toxic in nature. Find out which thoughts are triggering envy, jealousy, revenge, kind of feelings in your mind. Remove such toxic thoughts immediately by diverting your attention to something filled with positivity and gratitude towards others.

5. Analyse, Delete & Replace

Another trick of controlling the mind is to analyze the current state of your mind. It means finding out the thoughts and feelings which are not productive in nature. You have to analyze it, delete it from your mind. Deleting it means completely removing such thoughts from your mind, but, indeed, you won’t be able to have an empty mind for a more extended period. 


This article is focused on how to control your mind and the steps to do it. The mind is fickle, so it is possible to get control for a short time. The idea here is to build the habit of controlling the mind and gaining the ability to do it.

We saw that the mind works like a baby, and it is addicted to instant gratification. If you are doing a job, you are not getting paid every day, the salary gets credited at the end of the working cycle, and that’s why the employee feels dull during the regular days.
We can control the mind with the information that we are feeding to our mind. If you have any specific goal, start thinking about it with a solution-based approach; you will see the results. Then we understood how to prevent the mind from negative thoughts. The method includes clearing the mind first and then filling it with positive thoughts. This is a process and not a one-time activity.

Sometimes, if you are not controlling your mind, then someone else is doing it. It becomes essential to overcome this mind control and be in the driving seat instead of allowing someone else to drive it for you. Learning to control the mind is a continuous process. The tricks include being aware of the situation, observing the current state of mind, not directly controlling the mind with aggression, identifying and removing toxic thoughts, identifying, deleting, and replacing the thoughts.

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