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Do you like reading your favorite book while sitting in bed? Cozy beds, soft lights, and your favorite book in your hands isn’t that the best feeling in the world? Though this feels amazing, you need to find the comfortable posture that works best for you. Reading pillow can help you to read in a comfortable position.

Finding the proper position is equally important as looking for an excellent book to read. Sitting for a prolonged time in an incorrect posture can harm your back and neck. According to Harvard Health’s website, spending too many hours sitting is hazardous to your health. The reading pillow comes to help to fix this. 

What Is a Reading Pillow for?

The reading pillow consists of a high back and support for the arms on the sides for those unaware. Available in different materials and shapes, these pillows are suitable for those looking to feel comfortable and relaxed while reading in bed. They help prevent strain on your back and neck and provide you with a good reading experience.

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Are Reading Pillows Good for You?

The reading pillow can benefit those who sit or work from bed for a prolonged time. The u-shaped pillows you use for flight journeys can be used as reading pillows, and the authentic reading pillows are the ones that also provide some ways of arm support. Some wedge pillows can also be used as reading pillows. 

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Providing good support for your back can prevent hunching caused by sitting. You could also experience stiffness in the neck when working from the bed. Resting against a regular pillow could also cause backache and tires the experience.

Rolling the pillow to make it higher would also be of no use after some time. Thus, it is better to invest in a good reading pillow. Using a good-quality reading pillow based on your requirements can prevent such issues. 

How Do You Read Without Hurting Your Back in Bed?

For those short on budget or looking for a workaround, you can also find some alternative ways to read without hurting your back. You may be mindful to sit straight to maintain an upright posture when sitting in a chair.

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How Do You Read Without Hurting Your Back in Bed
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You could also hold or place the book in a position so you do not have to strain your neck to see it. Putting a pillow in a comfortable position on your lap could help, so you don’t have to lean ahead or strain your neck down to read. 

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Before buying a product, checking its quality and other features is a customer’s foremost priority. Inner stuffing, outer materials or fabric, its shape, its stiffness, whether it is washable or not, etc., are the things you need to check before purchasing it.

Types of Reading Pillows

There are various types of reading pillows, and we have mentioned some of them below with details.

1. Kids Reading Pillow

Kids Reading Pillow
Photo by Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash

Reading pillows for kids are of various shapes. Mostly they are found in square or armrest shapes. Usually, parents go for cute and creative-shaped pillows for their kids. I will list a few of them so it is easy for you to find your best pick. 

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Baby Shark Kids Back Resting Pillow for Reading and Watching TV

Baby Shark Backrest reading pillow is exceptionally cozy, versatile, and provides cushioned support for kids. Adapted from the famous Baby Shark Design from the viral YouTube song by Pink Fong, it is trendy among kids. You can buy it online.

This reading pillow is very soft and serves as a comfortable Reading Lounge Bedrest Pillow for your toddler. It is made from 100% Polyester Veloba Fabric, making it very cozy to cuddle. It also has an easy-grip handle that makes it easy to carry anywhere.

Zille Bed Fluffy Fur Reading Pillow for Kids and Adults Unisize

This is one of the convenient reading pillows that come with a backrest and arm supports. The outer fabric is made of fur. The inner cotton helps you feel cushiony all the time. The comfort you want for your kids will be intact if you use or purchase this reading pillow. This teens and kids arm pillow is super comfortable and features premium super micro lily-white stuffing.

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It is designed to provide the most delightful experience and can be used as a bed rest pillow, a sitting pillow, a lounger, a wall pillow, an armchair pillow, or a movie lounger. Its unique design also makes it a beautiful and stylish room decor. It comes in elegant colors and fluffy and comfortable long plush faux fur. It also makes the experience more enjoyable and fascinating. 

2. Bed Reading Pillow

Bed Reading Pillow
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

These pillows are generally the u-shaped ones available to provide a comfortable experience. They are used explicitly as neck rests in flights or places where a person sits ideally for hours. 

Yogibo Support Reading Pillow, Unique U-Shaped Backrest with Arms

This cozy pillow weighs four pounds. The only color available this time is the bright purple shade. The outer material is pure cotton, and the internal stuffing is made of microbeads. The unique feature is that the outer fabric is removable and washable.

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The beads adjust themselves when someone sits on them. Moreover, this pillow could be used for gaming, reading, nursing, watching television, etc. it could be a comfortable option for pregnant ladies and patients recovering from surgery. 

Milliard Reading Pillow

Click on the any product if you want to purchase it.

This is the right pick if looking for a super comfortable reading pillow that gives you extra room. This large reading pillow is perfect for curling up to watch a movie, read a book, or relax. The design of this pillow also looks fantastic and gives you plenty of room to relax. The Armrests on this pillow are also much longer, so you can get a relaxed experience. They provide good support, are super soft, and keep you comfortable. 

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3. Reading Pillows With Armrest

These are mini sofa-type pillows. They do not have a seating cushion, and the rest includes the headrest, armrest, backrest. Some brands sell additional mini pillows with this giant reading pillow.  Click here to buy it now.

Vekkia Premium Soft Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

These reading pillows include a free neck pillow. The unique design of this pillow can completely relax you and provide the best support for your body. It is designed to keep you from slouching while reading in bed or watching TV.

It has a handle that makes it easy to carry the reading pillow to another room. The outer fabric is made of velvet. The color available is bright grey. It weighs around 157 ounces. You can easily remove the velvet cover in case of cleaning or other reasons. It is so comfortable that you can fall asleep while just sitting on it. 

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ZOEMO Bed Rest Reading Pillow

This Premium Reading Bedrest comes with a Neck Roll Pillow. These are filled with premium cluster ball fiber and are specially designed to keep you comfortable while reading. If the size is an issue, then this is a more portable reading pillow with an armrest. There are four bright colors available in it. The outer fabric is cotton, and the pillow weighs around 6 pounds. Are you looking for something to keep your head on while having a foot massage? Why not invest in this reading pillow? It is all fluffy and cushiony to give you the perfect amount of comfort.

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4. Reading Pillows with Wedges

These are 3d pillows. From the front, they are square or rectangle in shape. From the side, these pillows are triangles. The top of these pillows are flat, but their thickness increases as they exceed downwards. When you roll your pillow to make them higher, you are willing to get this shape but end up twisting and hurting your back. The elevation helps us use our phones or read books, and it serves as a beautiful choice for those who prefer to read from bed. These pillows are available in several sizes. So, instead of ruining your regular pillows, invest in these reading pillows. This is available online for sale.

Soren Bed Wedge Pillow

This grey-colored wedge pillow for bed is something you might be craving. It provides a significant elevation that helps us read books while sitting for several hours or watching TV. These pillows are available in several sizes and generally weigh around 1.7 kilograms. The inner material is supportive memory foam. Soren bed wedge pillow has a washable and reusable cotton cover. 

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OasisSpace Bed Wedge Pillow

The OasisSpace Bed Wedge Pillow has a foldable design that can change to suit different situations like leg and back pain, blood circulation, fatigue, reduce swelling, and more. It is a versatile product, and when you are reading in bed, you can hold the leg rest wedge upright. It is designed to be functional, firm and give you a super comfortable experience.


Reading pillows are multi-purpose. They are decorative, beautiful, functional, aesthetic, and highly comfortable. If chosen wisely, it could be used by all family members, and a good-quality reading pillow could last for years. Reading pillows, as discussed above, are multi-functional and can be used for recreational as well as productive works. 

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