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There are all kinds of diets out there that swear to set you in the most pleasing physique of your life, the size zero you desire. But all the diets vary from each other and have some drawbacks.

They claim that the keto diet is an ultra low carb, high-fat diet that pushes your body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. Some people declare by the Mediterranean diet, where you swallow foods like those devoured by people living in the Mediterranean. 

And some people claim that the rigorous Ana Boot Camp diet, commonly known as the ABC diet, facilitates weight loss through extreme calorie limitation. 

Though the objective of this diet is to lower overall calorie intake, how does it work? What diet plan are you supposed to obey? And what adverse effects will follow? 

Continue reading to urge answers to all or any of these queries.

What is the ABC diet?

The Ana Boot Camp diet, or the ABC diet, directs to a “boot camp” for anorexics (Ana, or Pro-ana).

The ABC Diet is a 50-day plan broken up into five distinct phases. You can dine very few calories for 50 days to achieve extreme weight loss, and usually, it allows 400-500 calories per day.

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Throughout the 50 days, the diet declares to grow your body’s metabolism, which facilitates weight loss because of the limitation you put your body through. 

It is not a helpful idea for the long-term, but just for the short-term. You will see that you force your body too far if you follow the whole 50-day plan. 

The ABC Diet Plan: Explained:

The ABC Diet plan is vital to fulfilling the prescribed calorie intake each day. The strategy is 50 days lengthy, and every day has its calorie input.

The calorie intake varies from 0 (fasting) to 800 calories. The standard amount of calories eaten on this diet is under 500 calories each day.

There is a precise ABC Diet Chart to obey. It comprises five distinct sequences of calorie variation, and every cycle finishes with a fasting day. The cycles are as follows:

If you are interested in having the entire ABC Diet plan for beginners then you can check this book written by Terasa Mc.

First Cycle (Days 1-10)

You begin by devouring 500 calories for the first two days. Thereupon, you vary your calorie consumption up and down until you bring to 100 calories. 

The third day is for 300 calories and the fourth day is to get to 400 calories. The following step is to gain your calorie input for 100 calories each day until you catch 500 calories again. 

Once you are at 500 calories, the next day will be fasting day, in which you will not consume any calories.

Second Cycle (Days 11-20)

This cycle shifts calories between 150 and 350 each day, up and down. It begins with 150 calories on the eleventh day of the process, and the following day has 200 calories, and the subsequent day has 400.

The following one is 350, accordingly 250 calories, likewise 200 calories. Subsequently, have another fasting day. 

The additional three days will see a slow calorie shift. On the first day, you are supposed to chew 200 calories, and on the next day, you can dine 100 calories. The third day is fasting, which is the standard of the strategy and the most restrictive dietary rule.

Third Cycle (Days 21-32)

During this period, your calorie variation should vary from 50 to 800 calories during this cycle. You begin with 300 calories and decrease your calorie consumption by 50 calories per day. 

Once you achieve 50 calories each day, boost your calorie input to 100. The two days after that are 200 calories each day, and later this increases to 300 calories. Finally, gain your food input to 800 calories. Simply like all of the different cycles, this one also stops with a fasting day.

Fourth Cycle (Days 33-36)

This cycle alters calories between 250 and 450. The initial day is 250 calories and the following two days improve the calorie input by 100 calories each day. The last day of this cycle is also a fasting day.

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Fifth Cycle (Days 37-50)

The final cycle begins with 500 calories and lowers calorie consumption to 150. Begin with 500 calories each day and lessen the calorie input each day by 50 calories every day. 

When you attain 200 calories, replay that calorie input for two days. After this, boost your calorie intake to 250. Then lessen it furthermore to 200. 

The day after this, raise your calorie input to 300, observed by a day of less calorie intake to 200. The final day of this cycle is the fasting day.

As you can notice, no certain food groups are permitted or restricted. All you require is to control your calorie input and vary it according to the chart. On fasting days, you are not allowed to eat up any calories.

Doesn’t t sound like fun? As mentioned above, this diet is rigorous and comes with some risks you should know. Starving yourself is not a good idea rather a mistake that will lead to hazardous health effects. 

ABC Diet Chart

This is the ABC diet chart for more information.

ABC Diet Chart
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How Many Pounds Are You Able To Lose On The Alphabet Diet?

The ABC diet results differ. It appears most who use the diet are already malnourished, and most of them lose 10 to 20 pounds, and it would likely be 20 to 25 pounds lost for those who are overweight.

Although the ABC Diet helps to lose weight but is it worth it? Read on to know.

ABC Diet Outcomes After 50 days

The ABC diet is highly restrictive, so the odds are that you will always be hungry. Many people do not finish the whole 50-day cycle, which is okay.

Pursuing this diet only for one cycle shows significant weight loss for some people. Following this diet for a shorter time can also be a safer choice. It is important to never push yourself into something that feels wrong. 

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At the ending of this 50-day diet, you might have lost a dozen or so pounds. But it is not worth it and will not stay.

Your body will start to show symptoms of anorexia. Also, all that weight you lost will come back as soon as this risky low-calorie diet concludes.

The Pros Of The ABC Diet

The ABC Diet helps you burn calories and makes you thin, as it permits your body to use pre-stored fat for energy since you are not feeding the proper calories. 

Yet, this may only function as long as you are on a diet, and it is a starvation diet!

Numerous other diets are not as intense and can still help you lose weight without putting your body at stake. If you consider this diet, you should reconsider, as listed by the drawbacks, it might not be worth it.

The Cons Of The ABC Diet

Anytime you drop below 1000-1500 calories per day, you put your body at threat of severe complications. And, viewing this whole diet is under 800 calories for 50 days, you might suffer from some of the following:

  • People who practice this diet are six times more likely to die than the general population.
  • You might lose a lot of muscle mass, which can set you at threat of osteoporosis due to the absence of essential vitamins
  • Abdominal discomfort, bloating
  • Arid skin, brittle hair — can direct to hair loss
  • Feeling cold all the time
  • Dehydration can lead to kidney issues
  • Pancreatitis
  • Tiredness
  • Weakened immune system
  • Raised chance of suicide
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Raised risk of heart failure
  • You may suffer from organ damage if you continue with this diet for too long, as your body is not getting the vitamins and nutrients it requires, and you are placing it through quite severe events.
  • Another facet of this rudiment diet is forcing you to make unhealthy ingesting patterns.
  • Because of the massive drop in caloric intake over the 50 days, you can begin a new way of eating, which is not healthy in the long term. 
  • Numbness in hands or feet.
  • Insomnia and troubled breathing during sleep
  • Low hormone levels can cause hypothyroidism
  • Raised risk of bacterial illnesses due to altered digestive patterns
  • Dizziness
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Increased resistance to insulin can cause type 2 diabetes
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Is the ABC Diet Safe?

No, it is not. If you question most medics whether this diet is proper for you, the experts will say no. Some experts believe that the ABC Diet restricts your calories to a dangerous level, resulting in short-term and long-term impacts. 

The ABC Diet is not as simple as the ABC

The Ana Boot Camp (ABC) diet stimulates dangerously limited caloric intake to attain extreme weight loss.

Not solely will this end in a scoop of twenty pounds of weight loss, the bedrock diet also can bring around symptoms of eating disorders, like dizziness, exhaustion, bloating, sleeplessness, and raised risk of suicide.

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And the weight you lose instantly comes back when you end this 50-day diet!

There are more beneficial ways to go around losing weight. Sufficiently 1600-2000 calories of nutrient-dense foods combined with daily workouts are proven to lose weight safely.

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