7 Best Productivity Planners for 2022


Are you among those who like to plan your day? Are you new to using planners and looking for the best planners to improve productivity? We have got you covered here. We will share with you why you need planners and some of the best productivity planners available.

Productivity planners help structure your day and help you get more work done. They are used by many people today to plan their day. A significant reason to use a productivity planner is to maintain a work-life balance. It is challenging to manage your family, career, social life, time, and other commitments in today’s world. One of the benefits of using a productivity planner is that you can effectively write down your goals here and track them every day. This way, you can monitor your habits and progress to become more effective and successful. Many companies are taking steps to increase their employees’ productivity by reducing working hours.

According to a research by University of Minnesota, planning helps productivity.

Productivity helps you do a lot of work in a day which saves a lot of time. Productive people are valuable resources in an organization as they help get more done in less time. As the day sets down, productivity also comes down. People have different ways to increase their productivity.

Meaning of Productivity

Productivity means how much work you complete in the given time. It refers to how effectively you complete the assigned work in the time frame. There are different practices you can follow to increase your productivity. High productivity leads to higher work performance. You can measure your productivity through your daily routine for a particular week. Productivity helps you to achieve your goals and complete your dreams. Productivity can help you accomplish the goals which you think are impossible. If you plan your day correctly and be productive throughout the day, you will manage all your workload. 

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Productive people are generally successful because they can progress and work towards their goals. Hence, they are focused on the work at hand and take all efforts to plan and complete it. So they seem to accomplish more work in a day and are a step closer to achieving their goals. They prioritize the tasks they have and make the best use of time. This way, you will complete your work according to your schedule, and you won’t end up with the habit of procrastination.

What are the Productivity Planners?

Writing down your goals and daily schedule in planners is considered old school. In this era, everything people do is through gadgets. You get recommendations and suggestions in just one touch that doesn’t let you think about you want. Writing down will help you think about what you want and your needs. They will make you less overwhelmed when you have a lot of tasks on your plate. Entering the tasks in your planner will help you see and prioritize more important tasks and work on them effectively. You can get more clarity and peace of mind by working on items from the planner and completing them. Therefore, you can also manage your time effectively without missing out on critical tasks.

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Without a planner, you would simply be running constantly, getting one thing after the other done. It will leave you stressed and overwhelmed as there will be too many ad-hoc and random things that you will be working on. But using a planner will help you schedule the tasks and prioritize work you have. As with getting the job done, planners also help to block out time for you to relax. This way you can be less stressed and make more time for things you like. Productivity planners have these multi-color pages and blocks assigned to different topics. You can write about your goals, schedules, any particular event planning, or organizing a meeting or conference. These planners help you manage your life differently, and you will enjoy your life.

How Productivity Planners Can Boost Productivity?

Productivity planners are available in so much variety that you can choose according to your requirements. You need to know that there is no one-size-fits-all type of planner. Most of the planners come with different purposes. Each person will have a different requirement, and you need to experiment with other planners and see what works for you. Many of them go for mini pocket size productivity planners, which can help you plan daily. Hence, a productivity planner not only focuses on your work goals, but you can also list your finances, health, life goals, events, and many more things. It can help you in many different ways when used effectively.

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A productivity planner will help you get your life back on track by following the things you write in it. It takes time to follow all the things you have written in it. This way, you will become disciplined and adhere to the planner schedule. When items listed in the planner don’t go your way, you can take time to reflect on them and make changes as needed. So it is easy to customize and have the planner work for you as per your need. It isn’t easy to achieve, but slowly, you will increase your productivity.

Best Productivity Planners Apps

  1. Google Calander
  2. Todoist
  3. Things3
  4. Asana
  5. Trello
  6. TickTick
  7. Any. Do

With the evolution in technology, mobile phones have changed the communication we have in our lives. In the digital era, technology has made the primary mobile phone evolve to smartphones with a plethora of features. These tiny gadgets have become indispensable in improving our health and lifestyle. These smartphones have several applications or apps that are both free to use or can be purchased that are available to make our life easy. You can also find many of these apps available to help you be productive and manage your busy life schedule. It is a general list, not based on the ratings. Each of the applications offers different advantages, and it has its own disadvantages. Below are 7 top productivity apps that will help you organize your day better and be successful.

# 01. Google Calendar

Google Calendar - Best Productivity Planners
Download Google Calander
Download Google Calander
Google Calander - best Productivity Planners

Google calendar is an application that works both on Android and iOS. You can organize all your events and fill in the details of your day. It will keep informing you about your next event of the day. It sends you your daily schedule on your email, which you can look at every morning. It’s free if you use the regular version, though you need to pay to use the business version. It is available at the rate of $5 per month if you wish to go for the business version. If you want a more dynamic flow for a planner, you can use the enterprise version to customize it according to your needs. You can merge your Google calendar with your coworkers.

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# 02. Todoist

Todoist - Best Productivity Planners
Download Todoist
Download Todoist
Todoist Website - Best Productivity Planners

Todoist is a productivity app that helps you to plan your daily life and reminds you about your events so you don’t forget them. You can prioritize your events as you want. It has three pricing models available to you as per your requirements. The first basic one is available for free, while the premium will cost you $3 per month, and the business model will cost you $4 per month. On the todoist, you can arrange your to-do list for the whole week. You can set your work or life goals you want to achieve, and it will keep tracking those. The app works on android phones, iOS, safari, and chrome.

# 03. Things 3

Any. Do - Best Productivity Planners
Download Things 3

Not available on the Playstore for Android

Things 3 Website - Best Productivity Planners

If you are new to productivity planner apps, you can start using the Things 3 app. This app is very beginner-friendly and is very easy to use. It keeps you reminded of things until and unless you finish them. It’s a completely paid app, and you need to pay $9.99 per month to use the app. It constantly reminds you of the goals you have set and the event you have in the upcoming week and the events scheduled in the current week.

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# 04. Asana

Any. Do - Best Productivity Planners
Download Asana
Download Asana
Asana Website - Best Productivity Planners

Asana productivity app is supported by several desktop applications, iOS and Android. It is beneficial to manage projects that are shared among several members. It has a dashboard view to show the list of pending tasks. You can also easily view the progress of tasks here using the Boards feature in this app. Asana has a cool feature to automate basic tasks that helps you to get more time to focus on more important tasks. You can get the basic version of Asana completely free. There are 3 paid versions – The premium version available at $10.99 per month, the business version available at $24.99 per month, and the enterprise version, which is customized as per your requirements.

# 05. Trello

Any. Do - Best Productivity Planners
Download Trello
Download Trello
Trello Website - Best Productivity Planners

Trello is a productivity planner app available on Android and iOS phones. It has a messaging feature that helps you chat with your coworkers about a particular event you’ll be having. You can even invite anyone to help you with your task anywhere in the world. You can join Trello for free and use its essential features. If you want the business version with many more features, you must pay $9.99 per month. The best way is to get started by using the free version, and if it works for you, you can start with the paid version.

#06. TickTick

Any. Do - Best Productivity Planners
Download TickTick
Download TickTick
TickTick Website - Best Productivity Planners

Online platforms, iOS, and Android support the TickTick productivity application. The pricing for the premium version is 2.99 per month, and it is pretty reasonable. If you don’t want to pay, you can use the app’s free version. The cool part of this app is that you don’t need to type your goals here, and you can use the voice feature to add your tasks and goals. Similarly, you can use the voice feature to share your to-do lists and daily scheduling with others so they can collaborate and work according to it. It will make it easy for you to achieve your daily goals. You will be able to develop new habits using the app.

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# 07. Any. Do

Any. Do - Best Productivity Planners
Download Anydo
Download Anydo
Anydo Website - Best Productivity Planners

Any.do is an app that can be used on Android, iOS, and even online. It balances both your personal and work goals. Creating a task and managing your whole calendar on the app is straightforward. You can use the app through your smartwatch also. The app has four pricing versions – the first version is the basic free version, then comes per month version that costs $5.99, then the six-month version costs $4.99, and the last version is the 12 months version that costs $2.99 per month.

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Productivity planners can be used in the old-school pen and paper way or digital. Whatever the type, the main thing to keep in mind here is that you need to ensure they benefit your productivity. Try out these apps and choose the best which works for you. It would be best to use them to see success and make more progress. Productivity can increase through a few daily practices that won’t need a lot of effort. So go ahead and try these planners and apps to help you set goals and push you to achieve them in all circumstances.

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