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YouTube has became one of the top ways to make your life and follow your passion for content creating, video production, becoming famous, and making a career in media. Youtuber as a career option has become a stepping stone to any individual from the media business. But how practical is choosing YouTube as a profession and making it a serious career? Are you aware of the advantages and disadvantages? Let us explore all aspects of YouTube as a career in detail in this article.

Video Production Process

The video production process is the process of producing videos. There are several parts of this process, but mainly it refers to taking videos and the central production part.
There are three sections in the video production process:


This is where the sharing of ideas and planning happens.


This is the area of actually taking the video and making the final video.


This is where the shoot videos get edited and corrected to make the final copy and add anything necessary.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-sharing and watching app. This app allows us to watch and share videos of all genres and niches. Anyone can create an account and start watching and sharing and, even better, upload their work on YouTube so that others can watch it. This app became the open door for all media aspirants to showcase their talent and win a ticket into the media world.

Skills Required to Become a YouTuber

Like any other platform, YouTube also comes with a set of skills that you need to learn and perfect to stay in it for the long run. If you have a bubbly personality then it’s a bonus for you.

Understanding YouTube

YouTube is a social media app that works in its way. Understanding and knowing how to use YouTube is crucial for someone who wants to make a career in YouTube. Make sure that you have understood the multiple aspects of youtube before choosing YouTuber as a career option.

Creative Skills

Being a YouTuber is more than just like any other job, and it needs a certain level of creativity and a lot of effort. Unless you are clear and willing to do this, being a YouTuber will not be for you. Coming up with new ideas and new ways to execute old ideas is a big part of the job.

Research Skills

Having creativity alone is not enough. You also need to check your ideas if they had already been done earlier. By this, you can understand how they have been executed and implemented. Research your ideas thoroughly, and then you should take a step forward. It is very important as YouTube is a public platform, and offending or saying something not intended can harm your YouTube career.

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Editing Skills

YouTube is a video app. And knowing how to edit will save you money from hiring a person to do it, especially in the beginning when you can’t afford to do so. Editing skills are not that hard to learn, and there are always online classes and platforms to learn these skills like YouTube, Google, and several other places.

Analytical Skills

A lot of creators out there doing potentially the same content over and over again. But how is your content different from all of those? What makes your content stand out?

Knowing Your Audience

Understand YouTube analytics and your target audience so that you can direct your content towards them in a better way. And plan your future videos according to what your audience wants to watch. It will help you a lot in choosing youTuber as a career option

Marketing Skills

With a platform like YouTube, you are what you will be selling. You and your ideas will be what people will be seeing. Market yourself in a way that makes people curious about you. It makes people want to know more about you and watch more of your content.

Social Media Skills

Like YouTube, other apps are created. Even if you don’t want to create content in all of them, make appearances and let people know who is on these other platforms about your channel and how it is driven. It essentially works as free marketing for yourself and your channel. And also a new platform for you to make content.

Communication Skills

Talk to them and communicate with them frequently. It would help if you kept them updated about your latest updates and included them in the process. It improves their engagement in your channel and your content, and it also keeps them excited for future videos.

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Observation Skills

YouTube is a vast platform where new trends are born, and old trends die daily. Stay tuned and always look for recent trends that you can jump to and make new followers.

How Much Does a YouTuber Make?

The money you will get paid will not be on the content you created, but the number of ads watched on your videos. A creator can receive up to $18 for 1000 ad views on average. So you can see that it’s not that easy to make money on YouTube. That’s why most of the media students are preferring YouTuber as a career option.

How to Make Money on YouTube?

The amount of money you earn with your YouTube account doesn’t solely depend on the number of subscribers or the number of views on your channel. It depends on the engagement you generate, the genre you provide content to, and other channels you explore. There are ways to join the YouTube premiere list, and there are many ways to increase your engagement on YouTube to make you money.

How Much Time Till You Start Making Money?

It is a slow process. You need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your channel to monetize your channel. After that, it solely depends on you how much you earn. Even after monetizing your channel, it’s a slow ride. This is an important factor while considering YouTuber as a career option.

YouTube Career Plan

Video source : Aleena Rais Live

Know your Niche

It is very competitive out there. Be clear of what your content will contain and execute it appropriately.

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Research (a lot)

Researching will change your game, and it will help you know things that you didn’t know in the first place.

Understand the Competition

Know your competition and understand them, and it makes it easier to understand the patterns and put grow them.

Unique Creative Content

This is very important, and it also depends on the strategy. But content is the most crucial and essential aspect that will make you unique and stand out from the rest.

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Quality Over Quantity

Never compromise on quality for anything.


After attaining several followers, sponsorship can be appropriately executed.


Get paid to advertise other products and channels on your already grown channel.


Know your target audience and introduce merchandise they will be interested in procuring.


Market yourself and your channel in the best light possible.

Study names YouTuber as most popular job for children when they grow up.

Advantages of Being a YouTuber

• You can follow your passion. It’s a gateway to many people who want to make it big in the media.
• No level of education is needed, and no degrees are required. Anyone from anywhere can start recording and become a YouTuber.
• No minimum age. Even girls of age 11,12 now have their own YouTube channel.
• You are your boss. It is your initiative, and no one expects you to control your content and channel.
• No physical office and you can record anywhere, anytime. And edit your videos and upload them.
• No time limit. Being your own boss, you decide the workflow and the pressure of the work.

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Disadvantages of Being a YouTuber

• Cost for production. Being a startup initiative will cost more than it is going to earn you.
• Consistency. You need to post frequently and not mess up your algorithm. You need to be consistent and present.
• Slow process. Though it is a pretty profession, it is a slow ride and takes a lot of time before it becomes an actual job.
• Plagiarism and ideas being copied. Your content is out there for people to see and talk about it. Also, there are a lot of chances for your ideas to be copied.
• Change in YouTube rules can change your income.
• A large portion of the job is out of your control and is sheer luck.

Source : TEDx Talks

Conclusion: YouTube as a Career

YouTube is a vast platform that is forever changing and constantly evolving. Be on top of the latest trends and put a lot of work into your content and quality. It can be the best career option or the worst. Play your cards wisely. And make your career in YouTube a fruitful one.

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