How to Wake Yourself Up?

How to Wake Yourself Up

This article will solve your doubts and it will give you an action-based idea and simply implementing it would help you in getting out of bed early in the morning and live the productive life you always dreamt of. This article is the answer to your biggest question, How to wake yourself up?

Sleep is something that we need in order to charge ourselves. You cannot work 24 x 7 because we are biological beings and not the machines. We need good quality sleep with sufficient quantity in order to work naturally.

You might be reading this article because you might have to wake yourself or you might need some information regarding how to wake up. 

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Waking up early gives you a number of advantages such as an increase in productivity hours in a day. It eventually leads to an increase in a few days if you are doing it for months and if you are doing it for years then it will add a few more productive years in your life. This is magic that most of the people don’t know about it. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple wakes up at 3:45 am.

There are many legends out there who are early risers. We cannot buy more time is a universal truth but when there is a will there is a way. You cannot buy more time but you can create it by waking up early in the morning. Here are answers to the frequently asked questions which will help you to find the working method that will help you to wake yourself up.

How to Wake Up Early?

As we have already seen that we are biological beings and we need a good quality of sleep with sufficient quantity to keep things natural. There is no point in reducing the quality or quantity of the sleep which is a core requirement of our body. We will be focusing on managing everything else apart from reducing the quality or quantity of sleep. In order to wake up early, you have to sleep early and there should be some goal in order to wake up on the next day.

How to Wake Up Early - How to Wake Yourself Up
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You have to have something that will pull you out of bed. However, it is something that should come from within you. No one else in this world has anything to do with your life. If you are on the driving seat, you will have the best journey because you know your strengths and weaknesses, taste & preferences. That’s also applicable to life. Waking up early has 10% based on external things, 90% depends on your mind.

How Can I Fall Asleep in 10 Seconds?

The best way to fall asleep in 10 seconds is two to ensure that you are sleeping at the right time and not deleting it at all. We are always engaged in doing something throughout the day and even if you are not doing anything our mind is always active in order to get more and more information through our senses. If you are engaged whole day in something, it will definitely help you to fall asleep in 10 seconds whenever you will lie on the bed. You won’t have to do anything special to fall asleep in 10 seconds. Try to find something that will keep you engaged throughout the day mentally as well as physically. Don’t get too harsh on yourself because sometimes you might sleep before going to bed and that might bring you in trouble, isn’t it?

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How Can I Fall Asleep in 5 Minutes?

The physical or mental stress will automatically ask your mind and body to sleep if you are tired during the day. If it is not happening, then allow some time for your body to work on it. Focusing on your breath would make this process faster and what you can do here is to count backwards along with your breath. Try it tonight, count from 100 to 1 with every breath you take silently. You don’t have to focus on counting but focus on your breath with your eyes closed. Most of the people will sleep till they reach 50 but it might take some people longer and even in some cases they might have to repeat this counting process 2 or 3 times.

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.

Leonardo de Vinci

Is it OK to Sleep 6.5 Hours? Is 7 Hours of Sleep Enough?

To be honest there is no single answer to these questions which fits everybody. We are biological beings but everyone has something plus and minus in terms of requirement of the body. Some people ll sleep only for 4 hours and that’s more than enough for them but some people sleep for 10 hours and still they find themselves lethargic throughout the day.

Is it OK to Sleep 6.5 Hours Is 7 Hours of Sleep Enough  - How to Wake Yourself Up
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This happens of quality of sleep matters. You have to decide if it is ok to sleep for 6.5 hours or 7 hours. An average human being requires the sleep around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. However, this is the statistic of the average person. Hence, you are looking for a precise answer to this question then and ask it to your body and mind. your mind & body is going to answer it for you.

How Many Hours is Oversleeping?

Again if you are talking about average then it’s the 9 hours to call at the oversleeping. However, there is no way to count the quality sleep hours. What if you are sleeping for 10 hours but still the quality sleep was during just 3-4 hours? I would not count as oversleeping because your body naturally needs both, enough quantity and enough quality of sleep.

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How Can I Wake Myself Wake Fast?

It’s 10% physical and 90% mental. If you have no reason to wake up then no alarm in this world can wake you up. There should be a strong reason for you for getting out of bed. Or it can be anything which is valuable for you. You can have long term goal, divided into short term actions required for it. Your goal will push you to wake fast.

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Instead of asking, how to wake yourself up? You must ask the question, why to wake yourself up? If you have a strong reason then you will automatically wake up without any special efforts. Initially, you might need alarm clocks to wake up at a specific time but your body will automatically adapt this new routine and this will inculcate the habit of waking up fast.

How Do I Get Energy to Wake Up?

You don’t need physical energy to wake up, just the mental energy is sufficient. This comes out of your passion and ignition towards your goals. Dividing your goals into smaller parts is key to achieve larger goals. Suppose if you want to achieve something in the next 3 years, divided into the action plan required for it into year, months, weeks and then days. Every day the daily routine action plan will give you the mental energy to wake up.

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How Can I Stimulate My Brain to Wake Up?

As 90% it depends on the mental level, think about the feeling of achievement when you last time performed that action. This is your right way to seek dopamine by delaying gratification. Whenever you do the things which you like, your brain releases something called dopamine and it is a part of the reward system. You instantly feel good about yourself.

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There are some other ways to get dopamine with instant gratification but it is something that is harmful to you in the long term. The best way to stimulate your brain to wake up is thinking about achievement after doing your task.

How Can I Energize My Brain?

Source – TED Talks

After stimulating your brain, it is time to make it energetic. Starting your actual work is the best way to energize your brain. Whatever your goal might be, any progress moving into the direction of fulfilment gives you to the energy required. You don’t have to achieve 10% milestone in order to feel energetic. Even 0.01% achievement would bring the energy that is required. This is a cyclical process, the more you do the task, the more you reward you get. It brings new energy to do to the further task. Just start doing your task to energize your brain and feel the advantage of it.

How Do I Get Energy to Wake Up? How to Wake Yourself Up in the Morning?

After your brain is woken up, it’s time to gain some physical energy for your day. When waking up too early then you are regular schedule, your body is still sleeping. That’s why you feel less energetic because even if the mind is a driver, your body is a vehicle. Just drink a glass of water and it will work as an alarm clock for your body. It will go inside your body and will inform every organ that it is a time for waking up. When your organs will wake up, you will instantly feel the energy.

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How to Stop Feeling Tired? How to Get Out of Bed in The Morning?

Now after waking up your brain, stimulating it and then waking up up your body. It is time to to do exercise because every vehicle needs frequent servicing for a long-lasting quality life. Exercising activity will push your limit and you will notice that you will feel less tired after achieving something good such as exercising.

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The entire purpose of sleeping is to get sleep with sufficient quality and quantity. It is required for your mind and body to rest. Exercising will bring the energy back and you will stop feeling tired once your body is adjusted to this routine. This little goal will help you to get out of bed in the morning and you will be able to focus on your bigger goals.

How to Get Rid of Sleepiness? How to Wake Yourself Up From Sleep?

The best way to get rid of sleepiness is to do something that you are passionate about. If you love to paint then do you want field sleepy while you are painting. However, if you are doing something that is against your will then you will feel sleepy even after 9+ hours of sleep. Mentally you have to accept what you are doing and the best way to accept it is to do what you usually expect. This is something to do with the goals and steps based actions to achieve those goals. It will help you to get rid of sleepiness and wake yourself up from sleep.

How do I Stop Being Tired and Lazy?

Feeling tired and lazy is different than being tired and lazy. You have to understand the difference in order to beat it. If you want to stop being tired and lazy, use the energy you have gained on the actual actions. If you are a writer, start writing, if you are an athlete, start practising your task. The action-based activities will automatically stop yourself from being tired and lazy. If you have nothing to do then your body and your mind will automatically start being into that tired and lazy mood and that’s why actions are more important.

Why Am I Still Tired After Sleeping?

Below average or bad quality of sleep might be the reason behind your tiredness even after sleeping. Your body needs both the things and there is no way to eliminate any of it. You cannot get a good quality of sleep and ignore the required time for your body.

Why Am I Still Tired After Sleeping?
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Similarly, there is no meaning in sleeping for 9 hours or and not getting quality sleep which is required. Focus on getting both the requirements fulfilled when it comes to your sleep and you will stop feeling tired.

How Do I Beat My Laziness?

Beating laziness is not a difficult task, you just have to you start taking action. Don’t look at the mountain of your goal. Focus on a single step which will push yourself closer to that mountain. The only way to beat laziness is to counter it with productivity. You are lazy because you believe that there is no meaning in following something that’s so large and big. You just have to defocus and focus on your current activity, that’s it. Give your 100% in your current action that’s the only thing you have to do in order to achieve the large goal. Remember, beating laziness is one step towards success. However, you have to kill your laziness in order to to get rid of it forever.

The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.

Alexander Graham Bell

How Do You Kill Laziness?

After beating your laziness with taking action based steps in order to achieve your goals. It is time to kill your laziness by converting it into the habit. You can simply follow the same thing for at least 30 to 66 days because that’s the time you require for forming a new habit as per the multiple studies done so far. This period can change from person to person but the only way to kill laziness is building the habit of productivity and inculcating it into the routine. Your subconscious mind will automatically kill laziness once the productive actions become part of your habit.

Why is Waking Up So Painful?

Why is Waking Up So Painful?
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Waking up is painful because there is a lack of quality and quantity of sleep. One must take a sleep in proper quality and quantity/ there is no way to trick the system by reducing the requirement, it might create health-related issues. You have to fulfil the basic need of your body if you wanted to use it for the long term and keep it healthy. Automatically you will see less pain in waking up once you do the necessary changes to ensure the quality and quantity of sleep required by your body and mind. You will observe that waking up would be a Cakewalk for you after optimising your sleeping habits.

Waking up at 3am is a good idea or not?

It depends on your schedule and goals. Remember you should ask the question why do I wake up at 3am ? If you are sleep cycle allows waking up at 3am then it’s good and wake use that time you as productive time. You are goals define your future and how sooner you are going to achieve your goals depends on what actions you are taking in order to achieve it.

How Waking Up at 3am is Different from Waking Up at 4am ?

In the first few it might look that it’s just one hour difference but if you are calculating the time based on on the assumption that you are going to form the habit of it in the long term. This 1 hour becomes 7 hours a week and 30 hours a month and 360 hours a year and then 10,800 productive hours in 30 years.

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In other words, That’s exactly 1.23 productive years. You will earn 1.23 years extra if you are waking up at 3am instead of waking up at 4am. Time is something that is beyond measuring it in monetary terms. Yet if you want the idea then these 10,800 extra hours x minimum wages $7.25 equals to $78,300. That’s just the extra capital if you are doing something productive this capital will give you returns in multifold returns over the period of time.

How to Wake Up Early?

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As we have already seen, it’s not a good idea to compromise with the quality and quantity of the sleep because it is required for the body to function smoothly and effectively for longer-term. The best way to wake up early is to arrange our routine in such a way that will complement the requirement of our body. If you have a plan of waking up at 3am and your body and mind need the sleep of 6 hours then you how to plan your activities and daily routine in such a way that you will go to bed at 9 p.m. at any cost. Just do this as an experiment and you will observe the amazing results.

How to Wake up Early in the Morning? How to Wake Yourself Up in the Morning?

In order to wake up early in the morning, alarm clocks and other tricks are just the are external factors which will help you to wake up early in the morning. You will have to have some action plan and that will act as a reason for you to wake up. There should be some intuition and strong belief. Once this is clear, your subconscious mind will follow it automatically and you won’t have to do anything extra to wake up early in the morning.

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The whole secret of waking up early lies in the mind, you just have to use it in order to arrange things on physical level as well as on mental level. This is the way we can not only wake up early but also boost our productivity, peace of mind as well as it also helps to improve our health and quality of overall life.

I believe in the law of karma. These are some frequently asked questions by the people who want to know how to wake yourself up early in the morning. Let me know if you have any question which is not covered here. Implement it in your life and please share the link of this article with your friends and people you care about and want them to see getting success in their life. As you sow, so shall you reap.

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